Reid's Livery offers a wonderful lease program for students.  Our board is $350 per month.  Once a student has become competent enough to be able to pick out a horse they like to ride more often than any other, we allow them to lease that horse for $350 per month.  This comes with the same benifits of ownership without having to buy a horse.  Lessons are continued for $20 instead of $30 per lesson and they can come and ride and care for their horse anytime with no extra charge.  This allows a person to find out what it is like to own a horse without the worry of what happens if it doesn't work out.  Lease is month to month, no contract or worry about dropping with added charges.  The lease can be stopped any time.  The farrier is paid for by the lessee but vet charges are carried by Reid's Livery.  The lessee has first refusal on showing the horse or buying it. 

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