Horse training at Reid's Livery is a person to horse endeavor.  We train people to train horses, if you are interested in this method, set up an appointment and come give it a try. We offer trial sessions on our own horses before you bring your to our farm. Many of our students that have used this method have been able to bring their horses from foal to riding in events with huge success and lots of enjoyment.  We can teach you to enjoy your horse even if it is already grown and has been trained to things you do not need or want.  One of our students is currently eventing with a five gaited Mt Pleasure mare that she has taught to trot and has been winning and placing in every show she has attempted.  Other students have done the same with green or mishandled horses, and are enjoying the sport of eventing and just plain riding around the farm bareback with a halter.  Please feel free to call and get more info on our way of teaching you to ENJOY YOUR HORSE!  270 843 6330

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