Signature Estate Wines

$32  Black Raspberry    Black  Raspberry Commissioners Cup winners CMYK

Gold Medal Winner THREE years in a row! Winner of Kentucky Commissioner's Cup forBoutique Wines

Enjoy by itself or for a real taste treat, try with dark chocolate!

Speaking of Chocolate, while in Bowling Green, visit "Mary Jane's Chocolates" for the best place to get a match for our wines. 


$20  Healthy Harvest    Elderberry Blend  Named for the high antioxidants and tami-flu effect attributed to Elderberries.  Made from Elderberries harvested on our farm and blended with  20% Cabernet Franc 2011, this Gold Medal Winner, is in high demand with our semi-dry wine drinkers.  Enjoy with your favorite cheeses for a great wine and cheese experience.


$20  Blue Moon of Kentucky   Blueberry Wine blend of RLW home grown blueberries and imported blueberry juice from New York great lakes region

Gold Medal won at Western Kentucky Wine Contest

This wine is enjoyed by all who come looking for 100% blueberry wine.  Our clients have been waiting for two years for this to be produced again since selling out in 2011.  It has a full mouth feel with just the right sweet/tart finish for those looking for a true to the fruit red wine for that special occasion. 

$20   Triple Crown Blackberry    Blackberry Wine Exceptional for Blackberry Taste & Bouquet May be the best wine ever made from Blackberries harvested on our farm, which is saying a lot considering we have sold out of all of our Blackberry Wine every year since we started.  Rex has developed an amazing way to bring uniqueness to this wine. It is equally enjoyed and purchased by dry wine lovers as well as folks who are looking for a sweet fruity wine.  Rex has a way of making his fruit wines true to the fruit without any sugar taste! This wine took a Silver medal at wines of the South but despite the lack of judges choosing it for gold it did take the "Peoples Choice" award at the same contest!


Kentucky Wines Reds

$20   Norton     Extremely Smooth

Winner of Double Gold in "Wines of the South" and "Indy-International"  

 "Best in Class Norton/Cynthiana Wines" 2012 at "Indy-International"

A true American Grape, Norton Grapes were produced in Virginia by Thomas Jefferson.  Wine made from Norton was winner in the World's Fair in the 1800s.  Norton wine is known for its strong tannins and acid feel.  Rex had done something to his wines grown in Scottsville Kentucky that makes Norton unusually smooth and very true to the fruit in taste.  This full bodied red is so unique we sold out of 2011 at the winery and only have it available at Liquor Barn in Bowling Green. Norton 2012 though slightly drier than last years wine, has been equally appealing to our clients.


$20  Hilltop Vineyard Blend    Cabernet Franc aged on French Oak and Dechanec aged on American Oak. Blended by Rex, this dry red is appreciated by our dry wine clients.  Grown on the vineyard in Scottsville Kentucky where most of our grapes are produced by grower Ralph Jenkins.

$20  Franklin Favorite      Sweet Red Concord Grape, made from grapes grown in New York State. Excellent choice for sweet red wine lovers looking for a sweet wine that tastes like grapes not sugar!


$20 Harvest Blend  Norton/Petite Sirah blend of dry red.   Another award winner we are pround of.   Grown in Scottsville, Kentucky on Hilltop Vineyard


$20 Berea Rose  Baco/Noir dry red wine.  Grown in Scottsville, Kentucky on Hilltop Vineyard.


White Wines

$20  Silver Streak   

Imported Juice from New York Won Concordance Gold at Wine's of the South in Fall of 2013, in Jan2014, Western Kentucky Winery Contest we took Double Gold and "Best of Show"  and at the Florida International it won another Double Gold

This wine is a best seller already in 2014
Moore's Diamond Grapes, like the Norton this grape is an all American Grape,developed in New York State. This delightful white wine made by 
Reid's Livery Wine Maker, Rex Reid, is one special White. Light pleasant, fruity and very refreshing to the palate with a citrus finish.

$20 Traminette  Semi-Sweet with a wonderful flowerly bouquet finish. This refreshing white wine is Indiana's number one wine.  Our Kentucky grown traminette won Double Gold! 



Fruit Wines

$20 Peachy Keen      "Gold Medal" 

White Fruit Category at the 2012 American Winery Contest in Sonoma California

100% Peach's Grown on the Farm and Warren County Peach Orchards

     Excellent choice for white wine lovers looking for a unique semi-sweet wine with a very smooth and light peach finish.  Rex's wines are not for those looking for a sugar-sweet mouth, they have a totally unique taste and finish not found in most none grape wines. 


$20 Cranberry Pleasure      "Semi-Sweet Red"  

One delicious red wine!  100% cranberry and 100% match for holiday meals!  Every one who has purchased this wine for the 2013 Thanksgiving and Christmas season has returned for more to share with friends and family.  So smooth and easy on the palate yet just the right amount of cranberry tartness!



$20 Strawberry   Semi-Sweet/dry 100% Strawberry slightly dry start with a wonderful Strawberry finish. We call this one our fun wine! Great with dessert or for dessert!

While in Bowling Green, we pair our Strawberry Wine with peanut butter fudge and it makes your taste buds dance!!!!!


$20 Alvaton Apple  Semi-Dry with a wonderful light finish of honey. This refreshing white wine is a must chilled on a hot summers eve.  Pick some up for the fall because Apple and Honey are great for enjoying with those crisp fall days when the leaves change and the pumpkins need carving!


$20 Very Berry Cherry  Sweet Blush blend of cherry, blackberry, and black raspberry.  This wine provides a new fruit taste with every delecious sip.






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