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Norton 2017, Our Best Selling Dry Red   This wine is the first Norton Rex has aged in a French Oak Barrel. Our youngest Red has proven to be as popular as all of the Norton and Norton Blends produced in our Winery since 2009. Full of rich Norton taste with just enough time in the barrel for a smooth finish. Gold metal winner Wines of the South.

The Norton Grape is an American Grape started in Virginia by Thomas Jefferson in the 1700’s.

  Norton 2016,   Dry Red.  Full of rich Norton taste. Another International Award Winning Norton! Best of class Indy International

The Norton Grape is an American Grape started in Virginia by Thomas Jefferson in the 1700’s.

 Berea Rose 2015, dry red from Baco Noir Grapes grown in Ky at Hilltop Vineyard. Baco Noir enjoyed by Pino and Cab fans, this Kentucky Red has become a favorite of our dry wine lovers.

Baco Noir is a French/American Grape Gold Heartland Wine Competition

Harvest Blend 2013, Norton blended with Petite Sarah, bold dry red, just enough Petite Sarah to give the Norton a run for the roses. (whatever;) Gold  Wines of the South

Hilltop Vineyard Blend 2013, Norton blended with DeChanac both grapes grown on the Scottsville Ky, Hilltop Vineyard.  Put up in a charred oak bourbon barrel, this is a truly fine Kentucky wine, smooth and full flavored front to back, lightly oaked to perfection. Enjoyed for its dry qualities, it has also proven to be a winner with those venturing towards dry wines Gold metal

Silver Streak, has won International Gold 4 years in a row! Made from Moore’s Diamond Grapes, this dry white, has a Champagne feel, and wonderful citrus finish.

This is one of our “OH WOW” wines.

 The Moore’s Diamond Grape is an American Grape developed in New York State. Dry 

Diamonds and Lace white Perfection! Best in Class International as well as Gold in the Kentucky Winery contests.  Champagne Mouth, excellent dinner wine.

 The Moore’s Diamond Grape is an American Grape developed in New York State. We use a different Yeast than Silver Streak and finish with some residual sugar for a sweater version of the Diamond Wine. 

Traminette white Kentucky Grape! Double Gold International as well as Winner of Two Kentucky Commissioner Cup contests, winning Best Botique Wine in the State 2018 & 2020.  Rex’s Off-dry Traminette often reminds our tasters of its parent wine grape Gewurztraminer.

Blue Velvet, Sweet Red with a slightly dry finish. DeChanac Grapes grown in Scottsville, Ky’s Hilltop Vineyard. Velvety smooth and fruity. Silver Wines of South.

The Dechanac grape is an American/French Hybrid, Patriotic Blue Velvet!

Franklin Favorite   made from Concord Grapes, it is lovingly called our “old lady church wine” very much like Welch’s Grape Juice on Steroids!  It is the favorite of sweet red wine lovers. Silver Heartland Wine Competition.


Verrry Berry Cherry, is our Version of Blush. Gold Medal won in 2020 Kentucky State Commissionor’s Culp contest!  Starts with a delisious Blend of Cherry Juices from New York State, then our home grown, Blackberrys and Black Raspberrys are added and fermented into a very tasty Blush Wine.  Try with Chocolate for a real wine pairing treat!

Healthy Harvest, is our best selling semi-dry red fruit wine. Named for the healthy benefits of Elderberry. This is one of our Estate wines which means Rex grows the Elderberries on our farm. 

Described by several return customers as “Slapping Your Taste Buds” This 2020 Ky Gold Medal Winner goes Great with cheese

Blue Moon of Kentucky, Our version of Rose’ This wonderful wine leaves a lingering tart finish that follows a smooth fruity front. 100% Blueberry, high in anti-oxidants, and high on the list of Reid’s Livery Winery favorites.Gold Kentucky Com. Culp

Triple Crown Blackberry,  another Estate Wine, ( Rex is a great Berry Grower)! Reminiscent of picking Blackberries, sipping this wine will take you to the berry patch. 

Awarded  Peoples Choice ” at Wines of the South  winery contest

Strawberry,  semi-dry Blush, Blended 20% DeChanac Red / 80% (made from Strawberries), strawberry wine, it has front to back strawberry goodness, great with desserts or as a dessert! Silver winner

Alvaton Apple, is a very unique wine. Starting off crisp and clean, finishing with a sweet apple taste.  This wine changes with each sip bringing more distinct flavor each time. Fantastic with hot spicy food, takes the heat out and leaves the food taste. Best enjoyed ice cold.  2020 Kentucky State Winery Contest Gold Medal!

Peachy Keen, One of our best selling White Fruit Wines.  100% Peach, grown in Warren County, then blended with 10% Reisling.  Won Gold in the Sonoma,California, USA Winery Contest. Enjoy the full flavor of Peaches from the first bite to the pit, without the sugar finish found in many fruit wines. Gold Medal Winner in our Kentucky State 2020 Winery Contest

 Cranberry Pleasure, our Special Occasion/Holiday wine.  We usually have ready by October and sell out by April. Semi-sweet blend of 80% Cranberry Wine/20%DeChanac Red with a pleasing tart finish. Silver Wines of the South.



Just as a side note: The things I am telling you about our wines are what our clients tell me. I do try to tell you not what I like,, just what our clients like. I give tastings with our wines twice a week at the Farmers Market and several folks are now dropping by our winery, so I can say that hundreds of people enjoy our wines and they do the bragging for us! One thing I have learned in the eleven years of giving wine tastings is that people will not buy a wine unless they like it  Rex sells out of several wines every year!

Thank You so much for sharing our wines with your friends!   Diane Reid

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